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About me

Hello and welcome! I was born in Winnipeg, Canada (a very cold place in winter) in 1992.  My parents had a little piano that I would always go to because it seemed so interesting at the age of 5. Everyday I would always tinker around with it and my dad would play it with me. They put me in piano lessons when I was 9 I think? Was doing lessons for 4 years then I wanted out. I could at the time improvise some nice tunes. Then when I was 13, I went for drumming lessons because I would always tap on random stuff anywhere to make a beat. They bought a drum set and me and my brother would jam (he played guitar). I got out of lessons after a year and then my dad bought me a bass guitar. I really liked bass sounds and wanted to pursue that. I moved to a different town and finished school in 2010. Before I finished school me and a friend started a band which didn't last long but I played bass for them.  In 2012 I then downloaded my first DAW to make music.  I was very new to this environment. I released some early songs that sounded horrible haha! The songs kept pouring out every month because I was just so obsessed. Time moves on and I want to be more serious about this. I bought a midi keyboard and studio monitors. My sound by album gets better and better especially when I try. My genres are Industrial/ Techno/ VideoGame/ Trance/ Synthwave/Dark. I always loved dark sounding songs with tense sounds. Well that's about it for now!